Director's Note

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Merishaw School. I feel privileged to have got this chance to lead such an exciting and vibrant Christian school which offers such fantastic opportunities for boys in Kenya. It is our goal and aspiration to make every student to be a successful young man.

At Merishaw we offer our students the best opportunities for them to become confident, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenges in the ever-changing world. We are very proud of our caring, inclusive Christian ethos where we set high behavior and academic expectations for our students to achieve and behave their best.
From the moment a new student joins the school community we want them to feel a sense of happiness, safety and belonging as this is essential for their future success…


Merishaw extends a warm welcome to all our prospective students and parents. Our beautiful campus has outstanding facilities which ensures a home away from home for the boy child while its microclimate provides the serene environment needed to fully enjoy school life.
Merishaw School is a state-of-the-art residential boys’ High School offering the National Curriculum of education under the 8.4.4 (Form 1-4) and the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) at both Junior and Senior Secondary School (Grade 7-12).

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Why Merishaw

We receive boys and transform them to men who have conquered both academically and socially. We particularly focus on developing talents and life skills of our boys.

We are a global school targeting parents both locally and internationally who are looking for quality education for their boys anchored on strong positive cultures and community that empowers and develops the boychild.

Everything we do at Merishaw is 100% focused on ensuring we nurture our boys to be Purpose driven, Creative, Innovative and Global minded. This includes how we designed the structures and other amenities, how the curriculum was developed, how we recruit and develop our staff to how we measure our success as a school.

We embrace global and local cultures and religions.

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Located in Isinya – Kajiado County, Merishaw School borrows heavily from the Maa
homestead – the Manyatta – in planning and layout of spaces, to provide the 1,200 boys a
second home, away from home. The student is placed at the centre of the institution – being
the school’s most priced asset and is surrounded on all sides by layers of protection. The
tuition block, science block and dormitories – areas within which student life rotates – are
placed centrally within the scheme with ancillary structures around to buffer off these spaces
from the outside influences.
Space in the 3 dimensions is highly priced and students have been provided with as much to
ensure they are constantly on the move – as the pastoral community hosting the school –
and do not find school life monotonous. Space allows for imagination and provides room for
creativity. It creates buffers between activities within and without, ensuring sources of
disturbance are kept away from the core of the institution. Activities in the students’ daily
lives are distant to allow room for transition from one mindset to the next.
Merishaw School imparts knowledge on sustainability through deliberate design of spaces to
ensure natural lighting and ventilation during daytime hours – no activity is to be carried
under artificial lighting during day time hours, save for the auditorium where theme and task
lighting is required. Rain water harvesting and storage within a reservoir, solar power
generation and use through a grid tied system, waste water recycling for irrigation, cleaning
and re-flushing of toilets, as well as use of vegetation to create a microclimate within the
school are some of the ways Merishaw teaches the boys lessons on sustainability.eye.